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Connie Cipher

Singer/songwriter Connie Cipher has been performing around the Chicago region for nearly two decades despite not having turned 30 yet. Music has been her great passion dating to her first original song at age 10 ("Worst Class of the Day") to more recent numbers like "Too Much to Handle," "Just Go," and "Lonely Night." Born in Tennessee, she's always been drawn to classic Country giants like Dolly and Loretta, who wrote and sang from the heart. Connie is so excited to have joined forces with the Trailer Park Twisters in 2024!


Eric Karaffa

Eric, known as "E" or "EK" to his friends and family, found a love for music at an early age. Starting on drums at age 14, he practiced relentlessly in his bedroom with headphones and a record player. His parents regretted that purchase. At 15 he joined his first band, "The Titans" and played a few gigs at birthday parties and community events, learning to sing lead vocals and play drums.
Then, while in high school started playing with some older guys in the area and was introduced to the rock and roll lifestyle. He never looked back. Country music was always a presence. First with the southern rockers; Lynryd Skynryd, Marshall Tucker and the Allman Brothers. Always endlessly curious, he went to the source and discovered Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams and Jerry Jeff Walker to name a few. Picking up guitar and singing a few songs led him to the path he is on now with the Trailer Park Twisters, always learning and always reaching. 

Paul Cicciarelli

Paul started playing piano at five years of age and added trumpet at ten. He picked up a guitar soon after and never looked back. His first real musical influences were Johnny Cash and Elvis. Paul has played guitar in several bands covering genres from punk rock to rockabilly but enjoys his country music best. Now he provides the twang to the Trailer Park Twisters, so Gary can lay down the sweet singing pedal steel. His favorite color is silver sparkle.

Paul TPT Headshot.jpg

Gary Victorine

Gary started playing pedal steel guitar in 1976, and his experience with countless bands over the years has led to a playing style that’s snappy, immediate, and melodic. His playing adds the perfect country feel to the Trailer Park Twisters distinctive brand of twangy music. Gary can also be seen playing lap-steel or mandolin on certain TPT songs to give a greater variety of sounds, and adding harmonies to Connie and Eric’s singing.  

Charles Wims

Charles Wims, born in Chicago and raised in Memphis, Tennessee is a multi-instrumentalist, playing the drums since the age of 2 and the piano since the age of 12. Charles is genre free and loves all types of music, but having joined the Trailer Park Twisters in 2019, these days, he mostly finds himself playing country music and gospel and loves to perform just about anywhere he can get his hands on a couple of drum sticks. 

John McGee

Music has always been an integral part in John’s life. He began taking piano lessons in grammar school, but after seeing John Entwistle with The Who, John wanted to learn the bass. He turned to another one of his musical influences, his Uncle Kenny, a veteran bass player of the Chicago music scene, for lessons. After putting the bass aside for several years, John was encouraged by numerous friends and musicians to get back into the game. John made the local rounds in various bands before joining TPT in 2016. 

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